Update to the Blackboard Content Editor

The Content Editor in Blackboard has changed on Thursday 5 November.

This is the part of Blackboard you use if you are writing discussion board posts, or creating blogs, journals or wiki articles. You may also use the Content Editor when responding to some test questions, or if you have to submit audio or video work for your assignments.

These changes are largely cosmetic, and will introduce a more modern interface. It will make it easier to copy and paste text, and is better suited for use on portable devices.

Screenshots showing the old and new Blackboard Content Editors

If you need to submit media for your assignments, or you want to add images in Blackboard, look out for the new Add Content + button. If you can’t see the Add Content button, click the three dots to expand the content editor.

Add content icon

Click the Add Content + button, and click on Insert Local Files to upload an image to Blackboard. If you are submitting media, click on the Add Content + button, and choose Kaltura Media to upload your file. More information about submitting media to Blackboard is available here.

Known Issues

These issues have been reported to Blackboard and acknowledged as bugs to be fixed in the future. Please check back on this page for updates.

The default font size in the content editor is currently displaying as '14px', however when text is entered this will actually be formatted as font size 10. Staff and students wanting to use an alternative font size should select the appropriate size from the dropdown menu - e.g. 10pt, 12pt, 14pt etc.

When using the Wikis tool, the option which enables you to create links between Wiki pages is not available in the content editor.

Students using the Source Code button (<> icon) on the content editor to embed content (e.g. Google Maps) are not able to achieve this. When added, the content is replaced by a blank space.

When using LaTeX to input equations there are issues when going back in to edit. The equations will initially display correctly but if you go back in to edit symbols or formatting, they are replaced with '§gt;'. If you want to check the LaTeX is rendering correctly copy it first so that you will have the original. This has been reported for the following:

  • ampersands (&)
  • < or > symbols

When using screenreading software (JAWS for Windows) to insert a Kaltura video into a course, a bug is appearing that disrupts the workflow.

After creating a content item, clicking the Add Content menu and selecting Kaltura Media, the cursor's focus will not automatically switch to the Kaltura Media pop-up window that enables you to embed videos. You have to click with the mouse anywhere in the web browser window before you can then use the keyboard to navigate around the Kaltura Media window.

When inserting a local file via the Add Content menu, the Content Editor will attempt to display incompatible media file formats (e.g. PSD, TIFF and WMA) inline. However this function will leave a blank space on the page which cannot be clicked to download the file.