Blackboard Collaborate Best Practice: Audio & Video

Image of a USB headset

Once you join the Collaborate session, set up your mic and webcam

You might see a browser pop up asking for your permission to use your microphone and camera - this should be accepted to use all of the features within Collaborate. Follow the on screen prompts to select the correct webcam and microphone, especially if you have multiple devices connected. 

Screenshot showing Collaborate browser permissions

Using Collaborate with multiple attendees around a single computer

If you are participating in a Collaborate session with multiple attendees in the same location, such as a meeting room, consider using additional AV hardware. HD webcams with extension cables can be booked from AV Services, along with webcams and high quality USB microphones suitable for larger groups.

Check your sound output

Blackboard Collaborate allows you to alter the microphone input and webcam settings, but not the audio output. Blackboard Collaborate will use the system default audio output / playback device, so ensure this is set correctly before opening Blackboard Collaborate. This is particularly important if you have multiple devices connected to your computer, such as speakers, USB headsets and external monitors.

Change the default audio playback on Windows 10

Change the default audio output on OSX

Webcam placement

Try to avoid placing the webcam directly towards a window, as this will create a distracting backlit image. Try seating towards the window, with your webcam facing away from the window, creating an even light on the subject. The webcam should be level with your face, and remember to try and maintain eye contact with the webcam when possible. External USB webcams and microphone headsets often give better results than built-in models.

Remember to Mute

Mute yourself when not speaking. Nothing is more distracting than hearing outside sounds like typing, papers shuffling or other background noise. If there is feedback noise introduced from attendees in your session, you can easily mute all participants by clicking the Participant Panel > More Options > Mute AllMute all participants collaborate