Creating a Large Scale Session

By default, Collaborate sessions support up to 250 attendees. You can now create a ‘Large scale session’ to allow up to 500 attendees to enter.

Screenshot showing the Collaborate Scheduler menu, with the Large Scale Session option highlighted

When creating your Blackboard Collaborate Session, select the ‘Allow 250+ attendees to join’ checkbox in the Session Settings area to generate a large scale session.

Please note: Large scale sessions have a maximum duration of 24 hours, and you are unable to create large scale sessions for repeating or open ended sessions. New sessions must be scheduled if you need multiple large scale sessions. Standard Collaborate sessions cannot be changed to large scale sessions once they have begun.

During a Large Scale Session

Not all features are available within a large scale session. Participants can't share audio, video, post chat messages, or draw on whiteboards and files. However, Moderators can enable the chat room for all attendees once they enter the Collaborate session. Turn on the chat from the Session Settings area.

Screenshot showing the session settings menu within a Collaborate session

Moderators and Presenters can always share audio, video, create annotations and share files in large scale sessions. If you want a single participant to share audio (or video / share files etc), promote the participant to presenter.

Breakout Groups are always disabled in large scale sessions. We have created some guidance that offers alternatives to Breakout Groups in large scale sessions.

Breakout Groups in sessions with more than 250 participants