Digital Learning support during Covid-19

We understand the current situation is challenging and requires us to adapt quickly with new ways of teaching, learning and assessing. To support you with this transition we have designed these guidance pages, and will continue to add to these pages as the learning and teaching landscape evolves.  

Teaching Online

This page outlines how you can make use of institutionally supported tools to deliver remote lectures, seminars and tutorials, and maintain contact and engagement with your students.

Teaching Using Video

This guidance is designed to cover all the key information you need to create effective video for learning and teaching whilst working remotely.

Creating Presentation Slides for Teaching Videos

This guidance covers the key points to consider when producing presentation slides for learning and teaching video content.

Using Video in Remote Practical Teaching

This page outlines how video can be used to facilitate delivery of practical and lab-based teaching when students may not be able to attend in person, or in a socially distanced context.  

Digital tools for working with students 

The University offers a number of tools that support working with students online or socially distanced in face-to-face teaching. This page provides solutions for annotating feedback, collaborating on handwritten work, and supporting students using specialist software.

Capturing hand-drawn graphics and writing

This guidance provides detailed advice on to capture hand-drawn graphics and writing at home using a camera, tablet or graphics tablet to enhance your teaching materials.

Digital Learning Training Sessions

The Digital Learning Team is holding regular webinars to support the transition to online teaching and assessment, as well as one-to-one Digital Advice Slots tailored to your needs.

Having problems with Blackboard Collaborate?

We've drawn up this quick troubleshooting guide to help you fix any issues you may be having with Collaborate.

Assessing Online

This guidance provides detailed advice on alternative assessment formats, informed by recommended approaches from across the sector. 

Setting up Alternative Assessment to Exams

This page lays out guidance on creating alternative assessment points in Blackboard to replace formal invigilated examinations.

Student Guidance for Online Teaching

Guidance to help students to engage with online teaching activity, make the most of digital learning tools, and where to go for support during this period.

Student Guidance for Online Assessment

Guidance on the support available to students for online assessments, including test courses to try out submitting work online, what to do if something goes wrong, and how to submit handwritten work.

Offline Support for Digital Learning Tools

The move to online teaching means some users will be teaching and learning in locations where internet connections are less reliable and much slower. These tips will help you to save content whilst you have stable internet connection for use later.

Global Availability of Digital Learning Tools

Suppliers have been working to scale up their infrastructure in preparation for unprecedented global demand on their tools and services. This page contains details about service availability, particularly within China.  

The Digital Library

The University of Sheffield has an extensive digital library, supported by online information and digital literacy tutorials, and a virtual advisory team, with specialist staff ready to support you.

Online Teaching Community

The Online Teaching Community is an ideas sharing space for anyone involved in online and distance learning. This community is a space where you can tap into peer-support from others delivering teaching online, ask questions and share best practices.

Elevate support during Covid-19

Elevate is offering support during this time, with guidance about moving assessment online, one-to-one teaching support appointments, online resources, student support via 301 Academic Skills Centre and online workshops. 

Help & Support

The Digital Learning Helpdesk will be open Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 17.00 to provide support to help guide you through this transition: