Offline Support for Digital Learning Tools

We recognise that as we move to online teaching some of our users will be teaching and learning in locations where internet connections may be less reliable and much slower.

We wanted to share some tips about how you can save content whilst you have stable internet connection for use later.

Updated: Friday 3 April at 15.00


Students with a mobile or tablet device can download the Blackboard App. This allows students to go to content areas in their Blackboard courses and download any materials and attached files to continue to view when they don’t have an internet connection.

Staff can use the Blackboard Instructor App to download their teaching materials in the same way.

Find out more about the Blackboard Mobile apps

Note: This will only download for content uploaded to Blackboard. So any web links, embedded content (e.g. Padlet, Google slides) or Kaltura videos can not be downloaded.

Alternatively you can access the course on your desktop/laptop when you have access and download any attached documents or copy and paste the non-attached content into a local document e.g. Word.


The Echo360 app allows you to download Encore recordings so you can watch the recordings offline. These downloads are stored within the Echo360 app. Any recordings downloaded to watch offline are stored within the Echo360 app and cannot be shared more widely with students. Also if you delete the Echo360 app any downloaded captres will be removed with it. 

Before you use the app, ensure you have clicked onto the Encore link on your Blackboard course on a computer first. This will ensure you can see all of your captures on the app.

If one of your modules is missing from your module list within the app, Blackboard site for the module and click on the Encore Lecture Capture link on the left hand menu to refresh the list.

To download content from the Echo app:

  1. Access the Echo360 app from your mobile device
  2. Enter your university email address and click submit.
  3. Your courses for the current year will be listed. You can click the menu button in the top left corner if you need to access content from a previous year.
  4. Click into the relevant course.
  5. For each lecture recording there is an options menu. Click this to access the available downloads menu.
  6. Click Download video.
  7. This will now download and you will see an Available Offline icon appear by the video.
  8. Repeat this for any further videos you need to access when you have no internet connection.

Learners can download the PebblePocket app which allows for the creation of PebblePad assets while offline, which will be synched to their account once they have a connection. However they only have access to generic PebblePad resources, and are unable to access or download Resources such as Workbooks and Templates that you have created for them to use (except in a few cases where this has previously arranged with PebblePad).

If you do have a Workbook or Template that needs to be available offline, please contact the Digital Learning Team - - to discuss, but please note if this happens that these will be available to the entire University, and this needs to be done in collaboration with PebblePad and will not be an immediate process.