Creating accessible video

Filming a lecture

New accessibility regulations require that any videos published on or after 23 September 2020 should be accessible.

As of 21 September 2020, all videos uploaded to Kaltura and Encore will have Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) captions automatically applied.

  • ASR generated captions are our baseline standard at the University, and you are not expected to edit these up to 100% accuracy
  • Caption accuracy will vary, but speaking slowly and clearly will help
  • Videos from Kaltura & Encore will have captions off by default, viewers can turn them on if required. This prevents distraction for students that do not want to see the captions.

Please note: Live lectures (e.g. those delivered via Blackboard Collaborate) do not have to be captioned. However if they are recorded, and you wish to make these recordings available to students, then they would need to be captioned within 14 days of the live event. This is because after 14 days, they are treated in the same category as other videos. We recommend that you do this by downloading the recording, and uploading it to either Kaltura or Encore.

Captioning videos hosted on Kaltura

From 21 September 2020 all videos uploaded to Kaltura will have captions automatically applied. 

Any videos uploaded before 21 September 2020 can have captions applied to them retrospectively. Please view the creating captions in Kaltura page to find out more.

Captioning videos and lecture recordings hosted in Encore

From 16 September 2020 any content uploaded or created in the Encore lecture capture system will automatically have text transcriptions added to audio and video content.

You are able to edit your transcriptions by following this guide: Editing Encore Transcriptions

There is a screencast outlining the process for editing video transcripts here: How to edit your video transcript in Encore

Videos uploaded before 16 September can have captions applied retrospectively, please complete this form to order the captions.

If you have any questions regarding transcriptions within the Encore lecture capture system, please contact the Encore Team:

Optional additional steps you can take to improve accessibility of your videos

  • Any visual elements should be audibly described by the speaker, this includes references to objects, graphics and names and titles if they appear on the screen. This is often known as an "audio description”.
  • Visual elements should have sufficient colour contrast.

Further information can be found about additional steps to improve video accessibility from the W3C Web Accessibility Consortium’s pages on audiovisual media.