Add clickable hotspots to videos

Hotspots are a way to add interactivity to your video, enabling viewers to engage more deeply with your material by clicking a hotspot to access additional information, without disrupting the flow of the video. For example, a hotspot could link to a citation or article containing more information.

Hotspots can also improve video navigation. You could create a hotspot to skip part of a video or repeat an earlier section.

Launch the Hotspots Editor

  1. Navigate to the relevant media item in your My Media library and click on its title.

  2. Click the Actions menu and select Launch Editor.

  3. In the Video Editor click the Hotspots Editor button from the left hand Options Menu.

Kaltura Video Editor, with the Hotspots Editor button on the left hand options menu highlighted

Add hotspots to a video

  1. Click Play in the Video Player and Pause at the time you want to add a hotspot, or drag the Playhead to that point on the Timeline.

  2. Click the Add Hotspot button. This will create a hotspot in the top left of the player. Drag the hotspot to the position in the video frame where it is to appear.

  3. Alternatively click a position in the video frame to add a hotspot. 

Please note: You cannot add a hotspot in the lower portion of the video frame as this would obscure captions. 

  1. When you have created a hotspot an options box will open.

Kaltura Hotspots Editor, a hotspot added in the video frame with an options box popping out

  1. Enter the text you would like to appear on the screen in the Text field.

  2. Select URL or Time in this video.

  3. Insert the URL you would like the hotspot to hyperlink to, or enter a time in the video to skip to if the hotspot is clicked.

  4. Select Advanced Settings to format how text will appear on the screen, and edit the location and duration of the hotspot.

  5. Click Done to save the hotspot.

Kaltura Hotspots Editor, with a hotspot plotted against the timeline indicating duration

  1. Hotspots appear above the Timeline with an orange border. You can drag the border handles to shorten/lengthen duration, or drag the hotspot to another point on the Timeline to move its position in the video playback. 

  2. When you have finished adding hotspots click Save.