Kaltura Capture is an easy to use desktop application that enables you to record content from your computer screen. You can record any combination of voice, screen, presentation and webcam video.

Content recorded with Kaltura Capture can then be uploaded to Blackboard, shared with colleagues or published on to the Digital Media Hub. For more information about creating video content, please visit the Teaching using Video webpages.

Installing Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture must be installed on your computer the first time you use it.

  1. Log into MUSE, and open Blackboard.
  2. Click Tell US & Tools from the left hand menu, and select My Media
  3. Click Add New > Kaltura Capture. Follow the prompts on screen to install the software.

Screenshot showing the Add New menu in Kaltura, with Kaltura Capture highlighted

If you don’t ordinarily use Blackboard, you can install Kaltura Capture via the Kaltura Digital Media Hub. Log into MUSE, click View All Services, and choose the Kaltura Digital Media Hub. Click Add New > Kaltura Capture, and follow the prompts on screen.

Start Recording with Kaltura Capture

Open My Media, and click Add New > Kaltura Capture. Follow any on-screen prompts to open Kaltura Capture.

Kaltura Capture will default to recording your screen, webcam and microphone. You can choose what is being recorded. For instance, if recording a video message, you may just want to record your camera and audio.

Screenshot of Kaltura Capture, showing the screen and microphone inputs highlighted

Click the blue icon to disable an input. Click the drop-down arrow next to an input for more options, such as recording a specific area of the screen, or selecting a different microphone.

Click the large red button to start the recording.


After clicking the red button, Kaltura Capture will start recording after a 3 second countdown. The Kaltura Capture status bar will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can pause, or stop the recording from the status bar, as well as accessing annotation tools via the ‘Pencil’ icon.

Screenshot displaying the Kaltura Capture recording in progress status bar

Minimise the status bar to prevent it from appearing in your recording. The following keyboard shortcuts allow you to control the recording:

  • Command/Ctrl + Shift + R = Pause/Resume Recording
  • Command/Ctrl + Shift + S = Stop Recording
  • Command/Ctrl + Shift + C = Cancel Recording

When recording PowerPoint Presentations in Kaltura Capture, Kaltura will automatically insert chapter markers when slides are changed.

Finishing & Uploading the Recording

Click the Stop button to complete the recording. The upload screen will appear, this will allow you to preview the recording, and enter essential metadata to help you locate the recording in the future.

Screenshot showing the Kaltura Capture finished recording screen

Click Save and Upload to send the video to your My Media library. Once in My Media, the video will be private until you add it to a Blackboard course, or publish it on the Digital Media Hub.

Alternatively, click Save to keep the video on your computer (without uploading to your My Media library.) Recordings can be uploaded to your My Media library at a later time, such as when you have access to a faster internet connection.

Managing Kaltura Capture recordings on your computer

Open Kaltura Capture, and click the Manage icon to access your library of recordings. You can delete, or re-upload previously made recordings from this screen. Additionally, click the Settings cog to change the Katura Capture recording quality default.

If you need to access the original MP4 videos recorded by Kaltura Capture, they can be located within the ‘Recordings’ folder at:

Windows C:\Users\[INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE]\AppData\Local\Kaltura\Capture

Mac /Users/[INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE]/Library/Preferences/Kaltura/Capture