Creating captions using Kaltura

Machine-generated captions can be generated for any video or audio file in Kaltura. Captions are essential for people that have a hearing impairment, but they benefit everyone. For instance, some viewers might not be able to view content with the volume turned up, or may help those that use English as a second language.

From 21 September 2020 all new videos uploaded to Kaltura with have automatic speech recognition captions automatically applied. Any videos uploaded before this date can have captions added to them retrospectively by following the guidance below. 

recording of clicking the Actions menu, then Captions & Enrich and completing the captions order

  1. Navigate to My Media, and click on the relevant entry.
  2. Click the Actions Menu beneath the video, and choose Caption & Enrich.
  3. Once the Captions & Enrich window opens, select the relevant Source Media Language. The ‘Service’ menu will default to Machine.
  4. Select the desired feature. ‘Captions’ will create machine generated subtitles for your media entry. ‘Alignment’ will automatically synchronise your video script with the media to generate captions. (Scripts must be uploaded in .txt format.)
  5. Click Submit to order the captions.

Viewers will be able to access captions by clicking on the CC button in the video player. You can edit captions for accuracy using the caption editor.

Creating captions for multiple videos

  1. Navigate to My Media.
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the videos you wish to captions.
  3. Click Actions menu on the top right of the page, and choose Caption & Enrich.
  4. Complete the desired settings (as detailed in steps 3 & 4 above), and click Submit to order the captions.

Screenshot showin My Media, and the ability to select multiple videos to caption using the checkbox

More information on editing captions