Understanding the Media Edit page

Each media item in Kaltura has its own Media Edit page enabling you to view and change information associated with the media, download the original media file, and access Kaltura's editing tools.

Page menu

Access the Media Edit page

The Media Edit page can be accessed in two ways:

  1. From your My Media library, click the Edit button (pencil icon) next to the media you wish to edit.

A media item listed on Kaltura's My Media page, the edit pencil icon is highlighted

  1. From a Media Page, click the Actions menu and select Edit.

Kaltura Media Page, with the Actions dropdown menu and Edit option highlighted

Please note: You can only edit media if you are the Media Owner or Co-Editor. Find out more about sharing media in Kaltura.

View and change information

The information associated with a media item can be viewed and edited from the Media Edit page. It is organised under the following tabs:

The Media Edit Page tabs: Details, Publish, Options, Collaboration, Thumbnails, Downloads, Captions, Attachments, Timeline, Replace Media, and Display

  • Details: This tab allows you to view or change the metadata associated with your media. You are required to include a name, description and tags in order to publish a video. Tags are descriptive words which help users find your media. Use the Publishing Schedule menu if you want to control the time frame when media can be viewed.
  • Publish: This tab allows you to select the publishing status of your media. If you choose ‘Published’, you can choose where your video will be published to. You can choose to publish to a category or a channel. If you choose to publish to a category, find and check the boxes next to your department and/or any departments you want to be able to view the video. Find out more about publishing media in channels.
  • Options: This tab allows you to turn comments on and off, and enables others to create clips from your media.
  • Collaboration: This tab allows you to change the Media Owner and add Collaborators. All user permissions associated with the media will be listed here.
  • Thumbnails: This tab allows you to change the thumbnail image for video files. Find out more about changing video thumbnails.
  • Downloads: This tab allows you to make media downloadable by anyone viewing its Media Page. Select which formats you would like the media to be available in. If no options are selected, the media will not be available to download (except by Media Owners and Co-Editors).

Please note: The option to download only appears on the Media Page in the Kaltura Digital Media Hub (see screenshot below). Media in Blackboard courses requiring downloads can be enabled by selecting 'Player with Downloads available' from the embed settings

The Downloads tab on a Kaltura Media page, different file formats available are highlighted

  • Captions: This tab allows you to edit basic information about a media item's captions, and upload and delete captions files. This tab does not enable you to edit the actual captions. Find out more about editing captions in Kaltura.
  • Attachments: This tab allows you to upload attachments associated with your media, such as transcripts or presentation slides.
  • Timeline: This tab allows you to create chapters to help with navigation and/or upload slides to accompany your video. Find out more about adding chapters to videos.
  • Replace Media: This tab allows you to replace your media file with an alternative or updated version. Find out more about replacing media.
  • Display: This tab allows you to edit how media appears, changing the Media Page background colour and adding/hiding some page elements. You can also select the media player type. For example, there is a player available with social media sharing buttons enabled.

Download the original media file

You can download the original media file from the Media Edit page by clicking the download icon on the media player. This will download the source file, i.e. the original file that was uploaded to Kaltura.

Kaltura's media player options bar, with download button highlighted

Please note: Only Media Owners and Co-Editors can download a video via the Media Edit page. For information about making your videos available to download by others, see the Downloads section above.

Access the Video Editor

Kaltura includes a simple set of video editing tools. You can access them by clicking the Launch Editor button on the Media Edit page.

Kaltura's Media Edit Page with the Launch Editor button highlighted

Find out more about using the Kaltura Video Editor