Editing captions in Kaltura

Automatically generated captions are our baseline standard. You are not expected to edit these up to 100% accuracy.

Screenshot showing accessing the Actions menu in Kaltura, then clicking on Captions & Enrich

Please note: if you are planning to edit your video, please do this before spending time editing the captions file, as they may become misaligned and then need to be re-edited.

  1. Navigate to My Media, and click on the relevant entry.
  2. Click the Actions Menu beneath the video, and choose Caption & Enrich.
  3. In Existing Requests, navigate to the captions you wish to edit, and click the pencil icon.
  4. Once the caption editor loads, check the captions for accuracy, and make any edits.
  5. Click Save to update the captions. Click the Back button to return to the media item.

The closed captions editor in Kaltura allows you to edit captions for accuracy, correct any timing issues, and add any extra captions you may require. Click here to view more information on using the caption editor.

Screenshot of the Kaltura Closed Captions Editor

Deleting Captions

Captions can be removed from the video by following the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to My Media, and click the pencil (edit) icon next on the relevant entry.
  2. Click Captions.
  3. Caption(s) attached to the media will be displayed. Click the 'x' icon to delete the caption.
  4. Alternatively, click the square playback icon to temporarily hide the captions from the player.

Screenshot showing the 'x' icon that allows captions to be deleted from a video entry