Introducing the Kaltura Digital Media Hub

Screenshot of Kaltura Digital Media Hub webpage

The Kaltura Digital Media Hub is the portal for recorded media at the University of Sheffield. All staff can access the Kaltura Digital Media Hub, and are able to upload, create and curate media to share with colleagues or with the wider world.

Presentations, video messages, screen recordings, software demonstrations and more can be created using Kaltura Capture. Video and audio files you’ve already created can be uploaded as well, there are no limits on file size, and all major media formats are accepted.

Everything uploaded to the hub is private to the media owner as default. However, it is also very easy to publish media that is only accessible to people within the University, to a small group of colleagues, or to make it public to the world. Media on Kaltura can be also embedded on the University website, and are accessible around the globe, including China.

Media can be organised into channels on the Hub, providing a useful way to organise content. Channels can be restricted to certain individuals, members of the University of Sheffield community, or made totally public.

Access the Hub by logging into MUSE, clicking View All Services, and selecting Kaltura Digital Media Hub.

What’s the difference between the Kaltura Digital Media Hub and Kaltura in Blackboard?

Kaltura in Blackboard is the primary method for delivering media content to students as part of their course. Media used in Blackboard courses is automatically restricted to students that are enrolled on the relevant course, and content must be viewed back within Blackboard. Kaltura in Blackboard would ordinarily only be used by staff directly involved in the delivery or learning and teaching activities. All media that you upload to the Kaltura Digital Media Hub would also be available for you to use in your Blackboard courses.

The Kaltura Digital Media Hub is available to all members of staff, and doesn’t require access to Blackboard. However, all media you upload to Kaltura in Blackboard is automatically available to be re-used in the Kaltura Digital Media Hub. For example, you may wish to share a video that you’ve created for teaching in the Kaltura Digital Media Hub for open day, our outreach activities.