How to use the Kaltura video player

Most videos on your Blackboard courses will be played using the Kaltura video player. The following guide will demonstrate how the player works and allow you to get the most out of its functionality.

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Basic functions

Select a video within Blackboard to automatically load the Kaltura video player and begin playback. This may take a few moments depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Select the video again to access the Kaltura video player interface.

Use the different icons on the player to:

  1. Play or pause the video.
  2. Adjust the volume.
  3. Turn captions on / off.
  4. Report unsuitable content.
  5. Adjust playback speed.
  6. Adjust playback resolution.
  7. Maximize / minimize interface.
  8. Display additional information.

The kaltura player with each feature numbered 1-8, corresponding to the written description

Keyboard shortcuts

The Kaltura player can also be navigated using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. Click the accordion to expand a full list of them next to a player where you can try them out.

Keyboard shortcuts



Toggle play/pause video Spacebar
Go forward / back 5 seconds L/R arrow keys
Go forward / back 10 seconds Ctrl & L/R arrow keys
Go forward a percentage (1 goes forward 10%, 2 goes forward 20%, etc.) Number keys (not Numeric Keypad)
Go to Full Screen mode F
Exit Full Screen mode Esc
Go to the beginning of video Home
Go to end of video End
Increase / decrease volume by 5% Up/down arrow keys
Increase / decrease playback speed Shift & -/=

Note: you must click play on the video with your mouse before you can use the keyboard shortcuts.

Captions and transcripts

Selecting the caption icon at the bottom of the player interface will open a menu allowing you to choose any available caption options.

Select the appropriate language from the menu to to begin displaying captions.

Most captions are automatically generated by Kaltura rather than created by the author of the video. This means they will not always provide an accurate representation of audio content. Use of technical terms, poor audio quality and certain spoken styles can all affect the accuracy of auto-generated captions.

Captions icon in the Kaltura player

Please note: Not all videos will have captions available. If you require accurate captions as part of your reasonable adjustment please contact the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service at

If a video provided as part of your current programme is missing captions please contact your tutor.

Dual Screen Playback

You will sometimes be able to see two separate video feeds on the video player. These display the screen of the presenter and the presenter’s camera.

You can customize how these appear by using the two icons in the top right of the Kaltura Video Player interface:

  1. Select the Toggle View icon to quickly switch between screen and camera feeds.
  2. Select the Picture In Picture icon and select one of the 3 options to prioritise any of the below options.

Picture in Picture

Prioritise a feed.

Kaltura player with small webcam

Note when using the ‘Picture in Picture’ setting you are able to relocate the minimized feed to a different part of the screen. To do this, select anywhere on the minimized feed and drag it to your preferred location.

Single view

A single feed.

Kaltura player single view


A split screen of both feeds.

Kaltura player webcam and screen feeds side by side

Kaltura player view controls

Please note: if the video has not been recorded using Kaltura, or dual stream mode was not selected by the video creator, you may not be able to customize the display.

If viewing a dual stream video on a mobile device, you will need to click Request Desktop Site in your browser settings to access all player features.

Video Content Navigation: Chapters

Some videos in Kaltura use Chapters to help you navigate their content.

  • Chapters are like bookmarks and can often be used to mark the beginning of topics or sections within the video.
  • Chapters can be added automatically when a PowerPoint presentation is recorded using Kaltura. They can be used to navigate between different PowerPoint slides used within the video.

Clicking the navigation panel icon in the top left corner of the video player opens a list of chapters, along with their timecodes. Selecting a chapter moves to that point in the video.

You can search for a specific chapter using the search bar - this will highlight any words or phrases used on a PowerPoint slide, and allow you to move to that point of the video.

Click the navigation panel button again to close the panel.

Chapter button on Kaltura player


You may be able to download videos on your course to view offline. If you see the download icon on the player, the original video can be downloaded. Contact your tutor if you need to download video content, as this feature is disabled by default.

More information on offline support is available on our Offline Support for Digital Learning Tools webpage.

Download button in Kaltura player