Creating a playlist

We recommend that playlists are created inside channels, please review the Publishing and organising video in channels guidance for more information.

Channel playlists can be managed and created by multiple individuals, and can be restricted to a specific audience, such as members of the University of Sheffield community.

However, if you want to create a personal playlist, or want to generate a playlist that can be embedded on an external site, then the My Playlists area can be used for this purpose.

  1. Log into MUSE, click View All Services, and select Kaltura Digital Media Hub.

  2. Click on your Name and select My Playlists.

  3. Click + Create Playlist.

  4. Enter a Title, optional description and tags, and click Create.

  5. Locate the media you wish to add to the playlist, and click the + icon.

  6. Click Go to Playlist to return to the My Playlists area.

  7. Click the Share & Embed button to generate an embed code for the playlist.