Replace media

You can replace any media file in Kaltura with an alternative or updated version.

Media Edit Page's Replace tab, with the Choose a file to upload button highlighted

  1. From the Media Edit page, click the Replace Media tab.

  2. Click the Choose a file to upload button, locate your replacement media file on your computer and click Open.

  3. When the upload has completed, you will be presented with the options to Cancel Replacement or Approve Replacement. If you approve the replacement, the original media file will be replaced with the new media file and the original will be lost.

  4. All of the original metadata associated with the media (title, description, thumbnail image etc.) and publishing status will be retained.

Please note: Any time-based features such as captions and chapters may not be properly aligned with the replacement media, or may not function correctly. Find out more about ordering new captions and adding chapters to videos.