Kaltura Shared Repository

The Shared Repository is a collection of videos on Kaltura which anyone can include in their Blackboard course. Additionally, anyone can add their own videos to the Shared Repository.

Videos in the Shared Repository are intended to be of relevance to students across the University. It contains a wide range of videos produced by an equally wide range of producers, covering everything from submitting work via Turnitin to dealing with procrastination.

Any member of staff can find videos in the Shared Repository and embed them within their Blackboard course. Adding videos to the Shared Repository is a great way to share relevant teaching content with colleagues across the institution.

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Adding a video from the Shared Repository to your Blackboard course

  1. In any instance of the Blackboard Content editor, click the Add content (+) button.

The add content (+) button highlighted in the Blackboard content editor

  1. Select Kaltura Media.

  2. Select Shared Repository. The contents of the Shared Repository will load.

The Kaltura My Media window accessed via Blackboard, the Shared repository tab is highlighted

  1. Locate a video by either:

a. Scrolling through to browse for an entry.

b. Searching for an entry.

  1. When you find the video you want to use, select Embed to insert it into the content editor.

  2. As well as searching and browsing, you can apply filters to help navigate the shared repository. Select Filters from the collapsable menu and the results will refresh and be displayed below.

Filters available when searching the shared repository: media type, categories, ownership, captions

Adding your own videos to the shared repository

In order to add your own videos to the Kaltura Shared Repository, you need to access Kaltura from within Blackboard.

  1. Login to Blackboard.

  2. Select Tell US & Tools from the left hand menu.

  3. Select My Media.

  4. Search or browse your Media list for the entry you would like to add to the Shared Repository.

  5. Access the Edit menu by either:

a. Selecting the pencil icon next to the video in your media list.

b. Clicking on the media title to access it, then under the video player selecting Actions > Edit.

  1. On the Details tab, select Click to add required metadata for shared repository.

Details tab of a Kaltura entry. "Click to add required metadata for shared repository" is highlited

  1. Tick the appropriate categories for your video. This stage determines which filters will apply to the video when people search or browse the Shared Repository.

  2. Ensure you have added a meaningful Title, Description & Tags, then click Save.

  3. On the Publish tab, select the Published checkbox, tick the box next to Shared Repository, then click Save.

Publish tab of a Kaltura video. The Shared repository checkbox is ticked under Publish to Gallery