Change a video thumbnail

A media item in Kaltura's My Media library, the thumbnail image for the item is highlighted

Thumbnails are small images used as a video preview. They can help with organising and navigating collections of videos, especially large collections. You can change the thumbnail associated with any of your videos, but you cannot change the thumbnail of a YouTube video added to Kaltura.

On the Media Edit page, select the Thumbnails tab.

Media Edit page's Thumbnails tab, Upload Thumbnail, Capture and Auto-Generate buttons highlighted

  • Upload Thumbnail: This option allows you to upload an image from your computer. Navigate to the desired image, select Open and the image will be uploaded to Kaltura. When a thumbnail has uploaded it will be displayed in the Thumbnails tab. You can download it by right clicking the image and saving it, or clicking the Download button which will now appear.
  • Capture: This option allows you to select a frame from the video to use as the thumbnail. Use the Video Player to find the desired frame, pause playback and then click the Capture button.
  • Auto-Generate: This option will automatically generate a random selection of images from the video. You can select one to use as the thumbnail. 

Creating custom thumbnails

  1. Either auto-generate a thumbnail or capture a frame in your video and save it to your computer.

  2. Edit the image in picture editing software (Photoshop, Paint etc.), then upload it to Kaltura.

Tip: Colour coding thumbnails for a group of videos can help to distinguish them from other videos in a large collection. For example, all ‘Introductory Videos’ could have a red thumbnail (or have a red portion on the thumbnail), or all ‘Week 1 Videos’ could have a ‘1’ as part of the thumbnail.