Having problems with Kaltura Capture?

Review this page to try and resolve the issues you are having. If you’re still having problems, please contact: digital.learning@sheffield.ac.uk

My recording has been stuck processing for hours on My Media

If your recording is showing as ‘Processing’ inside your My Media area, and you have not received a ‘Entry is Ready for Publishing’ email, your upload has probably timed out. Please follow the steps below to retry.

Cancel and re-upload your Kaltura Capture recording
  1. Open Kaltura Capture and click the Manage button.

Kaltura Capture menu with Manage button highlighted

  1. Check your Library. If any entries say ‘Uploading’ please click the X icon to cancel the upload.

Kaltura Capture Library, X icon to cancel upload is highlighted

  1. Close Kaltura Capture.

  2. Before trying to re-upload the media please:
  • Use a wired network connection where possible, alternatively, move closer to the wifi router
  • Minimise other internet activity on your computer and within your household
  • Ensure you are disconnected from any VPN services
  • Check there are no firewalls blocking Kaltura Capture
  1. Re-open Kaltura Capture and click the Manage button.

  2. Click Re-Upload on the relevant item in your Library.

Kaltura Capture Library, re-upload button is highlighted

  1. Keep Kaltura Capture open until the upload completes.

If the upload takes more than 12 hours, you should cancel and retry when the internet usage in your household has dropped.

If you are able to access campus, using the Eduroam network (wired or wireless) will likely be a lot faster than a domestic broadband connection.

Unable to start recording message in Kaltura Capture

If you see a ‘Unable to start recording’ or ‘Failed to preview primary device’ error message in Kaltura Capture, you should check if your Display Adaptor driver is up to date. Windows 10 users should follow the steps below. 

Update your Display Adaptor
  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type in Device Manager, and press Enter.

  2. Locate the Display adaptors category, and click the arrow.

  3. Right click on the relevant display adaptor, and click on Update Driver.

  4. Follow the prompts to automatically search and update your driver.

Windows 10 Device Manager view, Display Adaptors is open and selected

‘Failed to stop recording, please try again’ is displayed when attempting to stop the recording on a Mac

Updated security permissions in Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina) may prevent Kaltura Capture from correctly recording your screen. Follow the steps below to grant the necessary permissions. 

Edit Kaltura Capture security permissions on Mac OSX

Please check the following settings:

  1. Open System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy.

  2. Click General, and select App Store and identified developers (you may need to unlock the padlock to make this change).

  3. Open System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy.

  4. Click on Privacy and select Screen Recording. Ensure Kaltura Capture is ticked (you may need to unlock the padlock to make this change).

  5. You should also repeat this process for the Camera & Microphone access on the Privacy menu.

Mac System Preferences menu, Privacy tab is open and Screen Recording preferences are displayed