Upgrade to new Digital Media Hub on Friday 1st March 2019

We are planning to upgrade the interface to the Kaltura Digital Media Hosting environment, including the Building Block via which it integrates with the MOLE virtual learning environment.

There will be no anticipated downtime in this upgrade, and most of the key features of the system will remain the same. However there will be a few changes to the look and feel - for example, the button that enables you to edit a piece of media will be changed from saying “Edit”, to a pencil icon.

One significant set of changes are enhancements to the way the search tools work - across the whole of the media hub, and also within your own collection of content. The key features of this are:

  • Partial word search has now been added, enabling you to search for fragments of words - this occurs by default
  • Exact word matches can be performed by enclosing the search string in inverted commas
  • You can filter the results of your search in a number of ways including ownership of the media found, duration, media type, whether media has captions, and creation date.

You can preview what the new environment will look like, by visiting Kaltura’s own demonstration site below


You are also welcome to have a go with our own fully functioning development site at the address below - but please note - content that you add here will not be available in the main system, or in MOLE


We have also made a screencast to show you the main features of the new version, which is here:


We will also be changing the MOLE Building Block to a later version, that will also prepare us for the migration of of MOLE to the new SaaS environment. There is one key feature of the new Building Block, which is that when videos are embedded from now on, they will be embedded directly into the page, and play directly in the page, rather than the current “lightbox” style. This will provide a more accessible experience for our students. We have made a screencast of what this looks like below: