Adding Content to your Blackboard (MOLE) Course

You can create multiple types of content in your Blackboard (MOLE) course. This help guide will walk you through those, and how to do it. To access the menu below;

  1. Click into your content area
  2. Click on build content
  3. Choose one from the list below (with descriptions of what they can be used for)

Image of build content menu showing options available. 1. Item, 2. image, 3. web link, 4. Learning Module, 5. Lesson Plan, 6. Syllabus, 7. Course link, 8. Content package (SCORM).

  1. Item - this will allow you to type text, add images and files, as well as adding more interactive content.
  2. Image - Add an image - you can add an image, and if you wish, hyperlink it to a further resource
  3. Web link - Add web link - link to external content
  4. Learning module - you can create a micro-site inside your MOLE site. This would be best used on specific topics, or as a revision aid - letting students work through their learning at their own pace
  5. Lesson plan - you can plan objectives / aims for a session
  6. Syllabus - you can add more objective setting options
  7. Course Link - you can add a link to take students to different areas of your of site
  8. Content Package (SCORM) - you can add and embed an external package that will sit within the site