Add an assignment to your course in Blackboard (MOLE) 

Use the Blackboard Assignment tool if you do not need to use the Turnitin originality checking service, or you are setting a media-based assignment. 

Assessment submission areas should be made easily accessible to students. You may wish to keep the assessments all together in one place, or situate them in content areas that relate to specific course activities.

Add assignment Communicating with Students

  1. Open your course and navigate to the Assessment area
  2. Check that Edit mode is ‘on’. You will find this in the top right-hand corner of your Course screen:
  3. Click on Assessments and select 'Assignment'
  4. Fill in the details of the new assignment

Assignment Settings:

Assignment information: You will need to give the assignment a name and provide some instructions to students. Example instructions could include: Detail regarding the assignment itself, a “who to contact” if they are having issues with their submission(s), naming conventions (eg: reminding students not to put their name in the submission for anonymous marking purposes). You should also make reference to the yellow sticker scheme here.

Assignment files: You may wish to attach a file to aid students in their submission

Due Dates: This is when the assignments deadline is. Submissions after this date are marked late


Points possible: You can choose whatever grading point you wish. A common score is 100, which fits with the University 100 point scale.

Add Rubric: You can choose to attach a Rubric (marking criteria that you can define) that will assist in the marking process.

Submission details: Here you can choose to deploy the assignment to individual or groups of students You can also choose to set this to a portfolio submission. You can also decide how many attempts at the assignment the student can have (1 – unlimited)

Grading options

If you are enrolled on the course as a module administrator (or above) role, you will be able to change the delegated marking and anonymous marking options when setting up assignments. If you do not have this role you can still create assignments, but you will not be able to use those particular grading options.

Enable anonymous marking: With anonymous marking engaged all submissions will be rendered anonymous at the point of marking. You can choose how to disable this anonymity, either a) on a specific date or b) after all submissions are graded.

Enable delegated marking: With delegated marking engaged you can delegate grading to a number of different markers. Marking can be assigned to any staff role but only the module administrator will be able to reconcile grades (provide the final mark). You can choose which submissions other markers will grade(all, random set, groups or none) and whether they can view other graders scores feedback and notes.

Display of grades

Display grade as: here you can choose how the grade will be displayed and you can choose primary and secondary displays. You can choose from: Score, letter, text,percentage and incomplete/complete.

Display of grades –Include in Grade Centre grading calculations: Ticking this box ensures that any grades for this assignment will be included in the grade centre total calculations. Please note that those assignments marked anonymously will not be included until anonymity is switched off.

Display of grades-Show to students in My Grades: Ticking this box allows students to see their grade via My Grades. If you do not wish students to see their grade until a date you specify, keep this box unticked.

Display of grades – Show statistics: Ticking this box gives the student average and median totals within My Grades

Availability: You can choose when the assignment is available from or to (or both)

Track views: You can monitor access of this assignment by the student by ticking this box.

When you have finished inputting all the assignment heading parameters, you can then click the blue submit button and your assignment will be created.