Copying and moving content in Blackboard (MOLE)

You can reuse and move content in Blackboard (MOLE) on multiple sites, to save you replicating content in multiple areas, and to save you from recreating your learning materials year on year.

To copy multiple content areas follow the guide below:

If you only want to move / copy individual items follow this guide. This can include items, documents, links and media.

Note: If you want to link one document to multiple areas you would be better using the content collection - more information can be found here

Course Copy process

Note: This process is only available to users with either Module Lead Instructor or Module Administrator permission.

If you are wanting to copy several areas of your MOLE course, you can use the course copy tool. (Guide)

This will allow you to select which areas from the left hand menu you want to copy across and can also copy over a range of other material such as contacts, tests and navigation settings (subheaders and dividers)

Export sections of content from your site

The above course copy process is designed for Module leads to move over content from one course to another.

Occassionally users with instructor access will need to copy over content. We always encourage the use of the Course Copy tool where possible and it may be best to ask for Module Administrator access to perform the course copy process. However it is also possible to export part of your course as a zip file and import it into another. Guidance on how to do this.