Make your MOLE (Blackboard) course available to students

One of the responsibilities of the Module Lead Instructor or Module Administrator on a Blackboard course is to make it available to students when ready, and have the ability to set the dates that courses are available. (Note if you have any other role in the course you will not see the options below).

Setting dates and availibility

To set up the availability go to Customisation > Properties, on the Control Panel (on the left hand menu).

Scroll down until you see the menu below:

A screenshot showing the Set Availability menu in Blackboard

Click 'Yes' or 'No' to set the current availability, or select 'Use Term Availability' to set to the default term of the course (note some custom courses may not have term dates attached).

The next section down from that sets course duration of an available course as below.

A screenshot of the Course Duration menu in Blackboard

You can set this to be continuous, a selected date, a number of days from enrolment, or again the default term duration.

Setting your own dates may be useful if you start teaching before the default date, or want to delay availability of your course. Note when setting your own dates, students generally have access to their courses for the entire length of their degrees, so only set an end date if you have a valid reason for doing so.

Toggling a course on and off

If you need to quickly make a course available or unavailable, click the 'lock' icon in the top right of your course. If it is currently available it will look like this:

The 'Course Unavailable' icon in Blackboard

If it is currently unavailable it will look like this

The Course Available icon in Blackboard

Note students will not be able to access the course unless the course is made available.