Blackboard (MOLE) Course Menu

The course menu appears on the left hand side of a course. It is used to help navigate the materials and tools in your course. You can create content areas, links in the course menu to the course materials you have created and the tools being used e.g. discussion boards, course calendar, email etc

Add content items

  1. At the top left of the screen click on +

    + options
  2. You can then select which type of link / area you want to create from the list below

Different Menu items

  1. Content Area - an area to place lecture / seminar materials, assessment and any other documents that might support the students learning
  2. Module Page - A page containing personalised content areas that help users keep track of tasks, assessments, assignments, and new content added to the course
  3. Blank Page - An area that can be used for video, html and other more interactive content. Note as a staff member - this page always opens in edit mode
  4. Tool Link - Create a direct link to one of the Blackboard course tools that you want to add to the left hand navigation (e.g. Blogs, Discussion Boards, Calendar, My Grades, etc.)
  5. Web Link - Link directly to an external web resource (e.g. webpage, Library Subject Guide).
  6. Course Link - Link directly to another Blackboard course
  7. Subheader - Create a section header - e.g. Assessment
  8. Divider - A line to separate different sections

When you click on one of the above, you will be asked to name the item.

Once created, this new item, is by default added to the bottom of the menu. To re-order this, hover over the item you want to move. You will see and up and down arrow appear to the left of the item.

Click, hold and drag the item to where you want it to be and let go

create manu

The menu item that you create is by default hidden from students.
To make it available

  1. Click on the chevron to the right of the name (see above)
  2. Click Show Link
  3. This will now be visible to students