Delegated & Anonymous marking

The Blackboard (MOLE) Assignment tool provides a feature called delegated marking that allows assignments to be marked by more than one person. The marks and feedback can then be reviewed and agreed (reconciled) by someone who is overseeing the marking process but was not necessarily one of the original markers.

Delegated marking can be used in conjunction with anonymous marking.

Setting roles

The role a member of staff has been given in a Blackboard course area is important when using delegated marking.

  • Anyone with the role of ‘Module Administrator’ or 'Module Lead Instructor' can see all of the marks and feedback provided by other markers.
  • Anyone with the role of 'Instructor', ‘Marker’ or ‘Teaching Assistant’ can be delegated to mark assignments.

Only someone with the role of ‘Module Administrator or Module Lead Instructor can reconcile marks, which can then be released to students.

Blind double marking

Where tutors need to blind double mark, they will need to be given the role of ‘Instructor', Teaching Assistant’ or ‘Marker. The assignment will need to be set up by someone with the role of Module Administrator or Module Lead Instructor and who is not marking the work.

Click here to setup Delegated Marking

Click here to setup Anonymous Marking