Setting up a Delegated Marking Assignment

  1. Go to your course and enter the content area where you want to set up the assignment.
  2. Create an assignment as normal, by clicking Assessment > Assignment
  3. Provide a title, description, point value and due date as standard.

    Set up Delegated Marking
  4. Under Grading click Grading Options
  5. Tick the box for Enable Delegated Marking.
  6. Select who is going to mark the assignment and which submissions they will mark.
  7. Use the Submissions to Grade drop-down menu next to the marker’s name to select either:
  • None (default).
  • All Submissions.
  • Random set – allocates a random set of students’ work. You can determine the number of assignments allocated to a marker.
  • or Groups – allows you to allocate markers to a set of students who are members of a MOLE Group

Under ‘Can view other Marker’s scores, feedback and notes’ choose if you want to allow markers to see each other’s marks.

  1. Tick the box next to Enable Anonymous Marking only if you want to enable anonymous marking
  2. Add the Assignment available dates
  3. Click submit

Click here to see the marking process for Delegated Marking