Collaborative Working - Discussion Boards

Discussion boards or forums as they are sometimes called can be used in a number of ways. They can foster communication between groups, act as an information sharing resource, or act as a method of communicating with students, without using email.

Creating a Discussion Board

Discussion boards can be added to any Blackboard course. There are two methods to link to the discussion board tool.

Option 1: Linking from the left hand menu

As a direct link from the main navigation menuCreate a tool link MOLE

  1. Click +
  2. Tool link
  3. Click type drop down
  4. Discussion Boards
  5. Give it a name
  6. Click submitProvide a link to discusion board from the left hand menu.
Option 2: Adding a link from the content area

From a content area

Deploy tool to content area MOLE

  1. Open the content you want to place the discussion board into
  2. Click Tools
  3. Discussion Board

Setting up forums within your Discussion Board

Once you have got to the end of the steps above, the next stage is to name and customise the options for the discussion board.

Firstly click Create Froum, which will take you to the create forum page.

Step 1 - Forum Information

Provide a name of topic / forum e.g. Assignment FAQ’s. Also provide a further description of how the area will be used in the Description section.

Add info about the forum including name and description

Step 2 - Set Availability

Set the availability of the tool and add a predefined a including start and end date.

Setting the availability of a forum

Step 3 - Forum Settings

This section allows you to edit settings around the discussion board.

  • Viewing threads/replies - alow students to see other users posts immediately or only after they have contributed something themeselves.
  • Grading - if you are using this for assessment you can grade students participation
  • Subscribe - you can sign up and allow notifications to be sent to you when a post is added to
  • Create and Edit - the editing rights you can give to students
  • Additonal options - allow tagging and rating of posts

Settings options within the discussion board forum setup