Edit Mode

The edit module toggle switch in Blackboard Courses

The function of Edit mode is very straightforward. When edit mode is on you can change the content in your course. When edit mode is off no editing of content is possible.

Student Preview

Student Preview Mode

Student preview mode allows you to interact with the course as a student would. This means that you can use it to check that your content and assessments are functioning as you need it to, by interacting with them as a student.

Accessing student preview mode

Inside your Blackboard course locate and click on the preview mode icon. This is located next to edit mode at the top right hand side of the screen.

You will now enter student preview mode. There will be an orange banner across the top part of the screen that tells you that “Student Preview mode is ON”

Exiting Student preview mode

When you are finished using Student Preview mode, you will need to do the following:

Click on the “Exit Preview” button at the top right hand side of the screen

Choose to either

  • Delete the preview user - This will delete any data created associated with the preview account (for example blog post contributions, test results).
  • Keep the preview user. This choice is useful if you wish to utilise the student preview data created (for example in marking an assessment)

Here is a sample list of the actions you can complete as a student using Student Preview mode

  • Take a test
  • Upload an Assignment*
  • Check access to content that has adaptive release engaged
  • Post on blogs/journals/Wikis/discussion boards
  • Take part in activities as part of a Blackboard group.
  • Check the display of content

*Note - Student Preview cannot be used with Turnitin.