Enroling Users on Blackboard (MOLE)

If you are enrolling a large number of staff/students you may want to add the users in bulk.

The manage users tool allows tutors to add other tutors (and students if you are a Module lead instructor/Module Administrator). Depending on your role on MOLE you have the ability to enrol users at different levels.

Module Lead Instructor - Can enrol other module lead instructors, Module administrators, Instructors and student
Module Administrator - Can enrol module lead instructors, Module admins, Instructors and students
Programme Lead Instructor - Can enrol other Programme lead instructors, Programme administrators, Instructors and students
Programme Administrator - Can enrol programme lead instructors, Programme admins, Module admins, Instructors and students
Instructors - Can enrol other instructors but cannot enrol students, module administrators or module lead instructor

Access the manage users tool

In the Course Management area click Users and Groups and Manage Users. This page lists all the users currently on the course.

Setting preferences

By default you will not see any module/programme lead instructors.
To include these roles in the manage users list.
1. Click Preferences in the top right of the manage users screen.
2. A screen will appear with a section called Roles to Display .
3. Tick the additional roles from the list that you want to be listed in the manage
users screen.
4. Click Submit.

You can change a number of other preferences in this screen too such as limiting the visibility of certain columns.

CAUTION! These settings are your own personalised ones and you will see the same preferences on all the courses you access.

New Manage Users

How to add a user

1. Access the course where you want to enrol a user
2. In the Course Management area click Users and Groups and Manage Users. This page lists all the users currently on the course.
3. Click Add in the top left corner.

Add user (Manage users tool)

4. If you already know the user’s username, you can add this in directly ( Note : These must be entered in lowercase). Otherwise use the search box in the grey area to search for a user.

Manage users tool - main panel

Search :
You can search for user with a range of different criteria. Click the dropdown to select which category you want to search on.

  • Enter your search term and click search.
  • Find the user you want to add
  • Click the checkbox next to their name and click submit at the bottom of the page.

Their username will now appear in the username box.

Manage users select

5. Repeat the process to add any further users you want to enrol.
6. Select the role you want to give them.

CAUTION! If you are a Module Lead Instructor or Module Administrator the default option is student. Make sure you change this if you are enroling a staff member.

7. Click Submit
8. You will get a green banner message to confirm the process is complete.
9. Click Cancel to return to the manage users page.