Frequently Asked Questions

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Why have these changes taken place?

In 2016, the VLE Review project asked you about your experiences of MOLE: what was good, what could be improved and what you might like from a VLE. From the student and staff feedback it became clear that there were some things we could do now to make things better and to make it easier for you, as subject experts, to create and manage high quality course content in a sustainable and consistent way.

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What if I do nothing?

If you do nothing your course will be automatically created but contain no content. Whilst students will be automatically enrolled on a course, the course will not be available for them to access.

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Whose responsibility is it to refresh a course?

The responsibility of refreshing a course is the module leader’s, who will have the new MOLE course role of Module Lead Instructor.

Those who have a more central departmental role, such as administrators and Learning Technologists, can be given the course role of Module Administrator to help with some of the processes but the overall responsibility of ensuring this happens lies with the module leader. Where programme courses are used, the responsibility lies with the programme lead.

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What support is available to me?

There is a wide range of support to guide you through this process from the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team:
  • Digital Commons Session (17th May)
  • We will be delivering a number of refresh focused sessions around this process over the coming months.
  • We will be providing support at TELFest at our Refresh Bar (3rd - 7th July)
  • We will be recruiting student refresh ambassadors, to offer one to one support, this will be managed through the TEL team and more details will be provided here in May.
  • You can seek advice from your departmental learning technologist
  • You can also contact us or your departmental learning technologist for general advice or to organise bespoke sessions via
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What are the different options to refresh my course?

There are a variety of options available to refresh your course, including taking all your content across to a new course, taking some of your content, or taking items and folders across individually.

More information on the ways you can refresh your course can be found here.

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Will students still be enrolled on my course?

Students will be automatically enrolled as before, via the student information system, after registration.

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When will my course be available?

New courses will be made available from the beginning of May if your department is not using their own course template. This is much earlier than it has been in previous years and is made possible by introducing course refresh instead of automatic rollover.

The new process also means you have control over the content that you want to copy across to your new course for the upcoming year. If your department has chosen to use it’s own template, then your courses will be made available when that template has been created.

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How do I make my course available to students?

Go to the course you want to make available.

In the course management area click Customisation > Properties.

Under the Set Availability heading change Make Course Available to Yes

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Can I reuse content from last year?

Yes. It is a simple process to bring all or most of the content from another course, either in bulk or individual items. This needs to be done by a Module Lead Instructor or Module Admin, who will need the same role in the course being copied from. For instructions please see here.
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I have copied a test, but I can’t find it in my new course?

When you complete the course copy, tests will need to be deployed again in the new course in the appropriate content area. However the tests themselves will copy across and can be found in Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools. You should check these areas to ensure the tests have been copied across.

If they do not show in the Tests, Surveys and Pools area. This may be due to an option being missed in the copy process. One of the options in the Course Copy page under Select Course Materials is Tests, Surveys and Pools. If this is unchecked the tests will not copy across.

To resolve this, complete the copy process a second time but ensure ONLY the Tests, Survey and Pools box is checked. This will copy over any tests, surveys or pool questions but not move over any other content.

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Will assignments be copied over?

This depends on both the type of assignment and how the course has been copied.

If you selected to copy “Grade Centre Columns and Settings” in the copy process this will bring across any MOLE assignments and tests. In most cases we advise setting new assignments up for each new year as this avoids copying over grade centre columns which are no longer in use.

Turnitin assignments always copy across but are no longer usable. These should be deleted and new assignment points set up each year. Not doing so can cause issues with the assignment process and not link correctly to the Turnitin system.

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I can’t see the course that I think I should see

If you are unable to see a course that you think you should, you need to request access to it. This can be done via the module leader (who will be identified, in the course catalogue, after the August upgrade), or the TEL Team via
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I don’t have access to last year’s course

If you require access to a previous year’s course you need to request access to it. This can be done via the module leader (who will be identified, in the course catalogue, after the August upgrade), or the TEL Team via

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I don’t have access to the course copy tool

This tool is only available to users with the role of Module Lead Instructor or Module Administrator If you are the module leader for the course you are copying from and don’t have access to this tool, please contact

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I am trying to help an academic, but I don’t have access to their module?

If the academic you are trying to help is enrolled on the course, they can enrol you onto the course, via the Manage Users tool . If you need a higher level of access (i.e. module admin) please contact who will be able to help.

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I can’t get guest access to a course.

This could be for a couple of reasons. Either the member of staff leading the course has chosen to deny guest access, or the course is not yet available to students. Guest access only becomes live once the course is made available to students.

In either case you can ask the Module Lead Instructor if you can be enrolled on the course.

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I don’t want guests to see student activity

The guest role only allows guests on the course to see content on the site and not any student activity.

This means guests can not see:

  • Any assessment activity
  • Discussion Board, Blogs and Wikis content
  • Any external tools e.g. Pebblepad, Adobe Connect.
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I don’t want guests to see a particular part of my course

Whilst we would encourage you to keep as many areas open as possible we understand that sometimes there are exceptions to this such as ethical or legal concerns.

Guest access to areas is controlled from the left hand menu. If there is a particular area you want to prevent guests from viewing, click the down arrow next to the menu item and click Deny Guests. 

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Who can view my course as a guest

Guest access is available to any staff member in the institution regardless of the role they have. It is not available to students and will not be publically available outside of the institution.

Staff will be able to view a course as a guest via the course catalogue.

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Will I get notifications sent to me for a course that I view as a guest

No you won’t receive notifications for courses you access as a guest. The notifications and announcements are tools within a course which guests have no access to. You will only begin to receive notifications if you are enrolled as a staff member on the course.

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I want someone allow external guest access to my course

External accounts can be created for staff who have no official association to the university.

Details of how to apply can be found on this page.

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What is the difference between a Module Lead Instructor, and a Module Administrator?

The two new roles have identical capabilities within a course, the difference between them is Module Lead Instructor will be listed in the Course Catalogue as a lead contact for the course. A Module Administrator is recommended for colleagues who need to copy course material and make changes to the course settings, but are not the academic contact for the course.