Marking Group Assignments

When you create an assignment a column is automatically created in the grade centre.

You can either access the results via needs marking or via the grade centre.

Needs Marking

Control Panel > expand the Grade Center section > Needs Grading

Needs Marking Group Assignment

  1. On the Needs Grading page, the assignments submitted will be listed. The group name will appear under user attempt.
  2. Click on the group name under User Attempt to load that groups assignment. Note: If there’s more than one attempt, you will see (Attempt X of X)
  3. The Grade Assignment page will appear.

Via Grade Centre

Control Panel > expand the Grade Center section > Full Grade Centre

  1. In the Grade Center, group assignments that have been submitted but not graded are indicated with the Needs Grading icon. Needs marking icon

    NOTE: All group members' cells display the Needs Grading icon, regardless of who submitted the group assignment.
  2. In the Grade Center, access the group assignment column's
  3. Find any of the group member's cell for the group assignment that contains the Needs Grading icon.
  4. Access the cell's dropdown menu and select the Group Attempt.
  5. The Grade Assignment page appears.

Grade Assignment page

Once you access the grade assignment page you will be able to add inline marking comments and add summary comments in the same way you are able to on individual assignments.

Find out more on Inline Marking and summary comments

Note: any inline comments or summary comments will be displayed to all members of the group.

You can now mark the work. This can either be a group grade or an individual grade.

Group Mark

To add a group grade add a mark to the attempt box. This mark will be given to all members of the team.

Individual Mark

If one or more members need to be given an individual grade e.g. they didn’t contribute as much to the task, YouIndividual marks in group assignment can edit their individual grade under the Group Members section on the right hand menu.

Note: If an individual grade is added, that is the grade the individual student will always see, regardless of what group grade has been added.

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the students name to edit the grade
  2. Enter a new grade
  3. Click the tick to confirm.

Once you have completed the marks and feedback. Click Submit to confirm.

The grade centre will be updated for all members of the team.

Students will then be able to access the feedback and group mark/individual mark via My Grades.