Group Assignments

Group assignments allow one member of a student group to submit the work on behalf of the whole group.

The process is:

  1. Create Groups for the assignment and add the relevant students as members.
  2. Create an Assignment and select the group submission option (see below)
  3. One member of the group submits the group assignment on behalf of the group. The submission is then automatically submitted for members of that group.
  4. When the tutor adds feedback, this is distributed to all members of the group. An overall group mark can be given, or each member can be given an individual mark.

Setting up a Group Assignment

In advance of setting up a group assignment, you will need to create groups in your course. More information on setting up groups can be found in the Creating Groups page.

  1. Go to the Assessment section in your course and turn Edit Mode ON
  2. From the top menu, hover over assessments and click Assignments
  3. Enter a name and any instructions
  4. Attach any supporting files if you need to.
  5. Set a due date for the assignment
  6. Set the points possible for the assignment (usually 100)
  7. Expand the submission details box
    Submission details - Group assignments
    a) Select the Group Submission radio button (a)
    b) Select which groups you want to take part by selecting them in the “items to select” box and clicking “>” to move them over to Selected Items (b)
    c) Select the number of attempts you want each group to have (c)
  8. Under grading options you can enable delegated marking or anonymous marking if you want to use either of these options.
  9. Expand the Display of grades
    a) Uncheck the “show to students in my grades” box if you don't want students to see their marks immediately.
  10. You can select display dates to restrict when students see the assignment under “availability”.
  11. Click Submit.