An Introduction Groups in Blackboard

The Groups tool in Blackboard allows the organisation of students on your course into Groups of any size. Groups allow students to collaborate using various features within Blackboard, such as discussion boards, blogs, wikis, journals and Blackboard Collaborate. Instructors can provide communication and collaboration tools that only Group members can access, optional grading is also available within some of the tools.

Create Course Groups

On the Groups (Course Management > Control Panel > Users and Groups > Groups) page, Instructors can create, delete, and enrol students into Groups. Ensure you have added the Group link to your course so students can access  the content.

Find out how to create Groups in Blackboard

Manage Course Groups

Blackboard provides powerful tools to manage your groups in bulk. Modify group tool availability, change group membership and create new groups. There are various

Find out how to manage Groups in Blackboard

Group Tools

Instructors has the option of giving the group access to the following features within Blackboard:
Blackboard Collaborate, Blogs, Discussion Board, Email, File Exchange, Journal, Tasks, Wikis. Choose the Tool(s) that you would like the group to use.

Choose which Group tool is best for you