Setting up Guest Access on Blackboard (MOLE)

Guest access will allow staff to view another course within Blackboard (MOLE) that they are not enrolled on as an instructor. It supports staff in taking a programme level view and facilitates opportunities to learn from what works well for other colleague.

  • Guest access will allow staff to view (but not edit) the content of another course within Blackboard that are not enrolled on as instructor.
  • Only courses that are currently available to students can be viewed as a guest.
  • Student activity and grades are not visible to guests (including assignments, blog posts, message board posts, enrolment information, grade centre, etc.).
  • You have control of what is visible to guests if a course, or part of a course, is not appropriate for guest access.

Enabling/disabling Guest Access on the course

Guest access is switched on by default on the course. To switch on or off:

  • Log into the relevant Blackboard course
  • Go to Customisation > Guest and Observer Access in the Control Panel (on the left hand menu)
  • Set 'Allow Guests' to 'No' or 'Yes'.

Permiting/denying Guest Access to areas of the course

Access to content areas can be different by selecting them on the left hand navigation menu of the course.

Guest access is switched on by default on content areas on the default template. Additional content areas you create on the left hand menu will be switched off by default.

To toggle between the two:

A screenshot showing how to give Guest Access to a content item in Blackboard

  1. (In Edit Mode) Click the chevron by the name of the item on the left hand menu.
  2. Click 'Permit Guests' or 'Deny Guests'.

Accessing a course as a Guest

To access a course as a guest

  • Go to your Course List on the Blackboard home page
  • At the top right of the screen there will an icon to search the Course Catalogue as below

The Blackboard Course Catalogue iconb

On clicking on this icon, you can view courses that are available and have Guest Access enabled, either by searching for keywords or browsing by faculty.