Using Inline Marking

Accessing students work

  1. Locate your Blackboard course that contains the assignment/s you wish to mark
  2. Once inside your course locate the “Grade Center from the course management control panel on the left hand navigation menu
  3. Click “Needs Marking”, you should see the following screen:

Needs Marking

If you have anonymous marking engaged in the assignment settings, then you will not see student names here, only “Anonymous marking assignment” in the 'Item name' column and “Anonymous student Attempt ID” under 'user attempt' column.

4. To start marking, select any particular row under the second “Item name column”, click the downward chevron (action menu) on the right and click “Grade All Users”

Marking the assignment – Box View features.

Having clicked on Grade All Users, you should now see the following screen. This is where you can provide students within inline, general, multimedia and rubric associated feedback as well as a gradInline Marking

At the top of the page you can click Assignment Instructions to expand and view the instructions shown to students.

The below guidance corresponds to the numbers shown on the image above.

Adding annotations on the document (1 - 2)

(1) Point annotations

To add a point annotation click the Point annotation button (1a) and click into the desired place in the document (1b). This will launch a comment box pop up. Write your comment and click Post to save it.

(2) Highlight and comment

To add a highlight and comment click and drag your cursor to highlight text (2a). Then click highlight text. Select Add a comment to highlighted text to be able to add a comment alongside your highlight (2b). Write comment and click Post to save it.

Summary feedback tools (3 - 7)

(3) Add a Grade

Type a grade into the pink attempts box to add an overall mark for the work.

(4) Rubrics

Open any associated rubric to here if you have chosen one. Learn more about rubrics here.

(5) Summary feedback and file attach

Here you can add any text feedback for the overall assignment and attach any feedback files by clicking the paperclip icon.

(6) Submit and Save Draft

Once you have added your feedback click Submit to confirm it. You can also click Save Draft if you intend to come back into the assignmement and make further changes later.

(7) Submission

Here lists all the submission documents the student has submitted. If your student has submitted more than one document you can switch between these.

Viewing offline options (8 - 9)

(8) Print Document

This button allows you to see a print preview version of the document. From this screen you can print a copy of the assignment. Note you cannot print a copy with the annotations shown.

(9) Download assignment

This button allows you to download a copy of the assignment as a PDF. It opens it up in your browsers PDF viewer and then you can save a copy of it. Note you cannot download a copy of an assignment with the annotations shown.