Kaltura Media in MOLE

    • Log in to MOLE and select a course. Navigate to the area of the course you wish to add your Media 
    • With Edit Mode On, click on the "Build Content" button > click "Item"
    • Give the item a meaningful title, then from the text box editor area click "Mashups" > "Kaltura Media"
    • To select media that has already been uploaded into your My Media collection, Course Gallery or Shared Repository, click the "Select button" next to the media entry. Alternatively, upload a new media file by selecting "Add New" > "Media Upload"> Navigate to the media file on your computer to upload
    • Enter a required Title, Description and at least one Tag to help you and your students understand what the media item is about. 
    • Click the "Save" button, then click "Back to Browse and Embed"
    • Click the blue "Select" button next to the appropriate media item, and then click "Submit" to save the page in MOLE.  


Please visit our dedicated Kaltura Support Site for more help and guidance in using Kaltura, or have a look at our collection of Kaltura Quick Start Guides, which look at a wide variety of the tools available within Kaltura.