Linked Courses

The process for linking courses that have common teaching material and patterns of teaching has changed. There is now a form to fill in to request your courses to be linked. To fill in the form we need to know

  • the Master course title - the course that wil be site that you add content to and deliver assessment through
  • and Child course titles - the course(s) that you want linked to the master

Click here to request course(s) to be linked

Why Link courses? 

Linking courses that have an identical assessment pattern and content delivery allows you to post materials only once for all enrolled students to see, rather than posting to each separate course site. Linking courses copies the student enrolments from one or more "child" courses into a " master" course. 

In a linked course, students will see the name of the original course that they are enrolled on and the content from the master course. 

Linking courses does not copy any content from the child courses to the master course or visa versa. 

Please Note:

  • After linking, the child courses will be made unavailable to edit.  You should not make the child courses available in the future. If the master course is available, then the students enrolled on the child course will automatically see the content on the master.
  • Course Linking will combine the Grade Centre listing for all the students.
  • Where students have registered for the master course only or the child course only, they will see the title of that particular course displayed to them on their MOLE homepage.
  • Students enrolled onto the child courses will see the name of the child course in their course list, however once they access the course it will display all the content from the Master Course
  • If a staff member accesses a child course, they will see no content whatsoever in the course.
  • If you change the name of the master course, the names displayed for the students enrolled onto the child course(s) will not change, so you should change those as well to ensure consistency
  • Staff cannot add new content to a child course, but any content that was there prior to the merging will remain viewable by staff but not students

What it means for staff

As staff you will see the Master course and the subsequent courses that are linked to that master (e.g. Child course of Course CIC101). You can edit and add content to the Master course only. The Child courses can be accessed to copy content forward to the Master course.

Enrollments are done automatically in the linking process. When courses are linked all users (staff and students) enrolled on child courses will be able to access the master course

Staff Instructor Merged course view

Child Course Instructor View

What it means for students

Students will see the name of module that they are enrolled on in their course list, but on opening that course they will see the content from the master course only.

Student Linked Course View

Changing the name of the new linked course

As Module Lead Instructor or Module Administrator it is possible to change the name of the course, to reflect its linked status. You can do this from Properties in the Customisation Menu. If you do wish to change the name, we advise you change the name on all linked courses, to ensure a consistent view for all students.

Click here to see how to do this

Alternatively you can add an item to the course home page to reflect the courses linked together

Using Manage Users in a Linked Course

When you access a linked course and use the manage users tool you will see a performance warning message.

Performance warning error

Click Try now and do not prompt me again and this message will no longer appear on any course you work on. As this is a personalised option each staff member accessing the tool will need to complete this process the first time they use the manage user tool on a linked course.