Blackboard App

Blackboard, the mobile app for Blackboard (MOLE), lets you access your course materials from your phone or tablet, lets you participate with course activities and notifies you whenever new content is made available. You can even download course material to view offline.

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Once you have installed the Blackboard app:

  1. Click the app to launch it
  2. Search for the University of Sheffield
  3. Login with your normal university username and password

Accessing content offline

The offline content feature allows you to view course content without an internet connection. You will need to choose which content to download whilst you still have a connection, click here to find out more. You can download available content for an entire course or just specific items. Auto sync ensures your downloads are updated the next time you're online.

Blackboard App Help Pages

Blackboard Instructor

Staff should install the Blackboard Instructor app to manage courses, participate in discussions, grade student work etc.