Turnitin assignment or Blackboard (MOLE) assignment?

There are two tools within Blackboard that can be used for the inline marking of students' documents.

Blackboard has its own assignment tool, which allows you to set up and run an assignment in your course area. The University also uses software called Turnitin, which students also access via Blackboard. Probably Turnitin's biggest asset is its originality reports, which can help detect potential plagiarism, but it lacks some features of the Blackboard tool, such as group submission and multiple file submission.

The functionality of the two pieces of software are different and you may want to consider these differences when choosing the best tool for the work you are setting for your students.

Feature Blackboard Turnitin
Audio feedback Can be embedded in feedback via Kaltura Built-in tool in feedback (3 min limit)
Video feedback Can be embedded in feedback via Kaltura No
Attach file as feedback Yes No
Return grade to Blackboard Grade Centre Yes Yes
Allow specific number of attempts Yes Can be 1 or unlimited
Allow submissions after due date Yes Yes
Release to groups of students (adaptive release) Yes Yes
Group submission / feedback Yes No
Text-matching (plagiarism detection / prevention) No Yes - creates an originality report on submissions.
Anonymous marking Yes Yes
Offline marking (ability to mark work without internet connection) No Yes, via iPad app
Attach multiple feedback files Yes No
Second marking (double blind) Yes No
Text feedback summary Yes Yes
Drawing tool (to annotate feedback) Yes No
Inline text marking Yes Yes
Highlight text Yes Yes
Quickmarks (a bank of commonly-used marking terms) No Yes
Rubrics / marking criteria Yes Yes
Any file type supported Yes Yes technically, but built for text-based submission
File size limits No strict limit, but large file sizes not recommended - contact digital.learning@sheffield.ac.uk for advice. 100mb and 800 pages
Bulk download of papers Yes Yes

For more information about both tools, contact digital.learning@sheffield.ac.uk