Personalising your Blackboard (MOLE) site:

Within your Blackboard (MOLE) course there are a number of style options available that you can employ to help tailor and design your course.


Teaching style

The style settings control some aspects of the course appearance, course entry point (the page students land on when entering your course). You can also add in your own banner.

To change the entry point:

  1. From the control panel select “Customisation”
  2. Select "teaching style"
  3. Locate the Entry point and change it to your required area.
  4. Click submit.

To change the default content view:

This sets if a piece of content (e.g. Items, Content Folders, Weblinks etc) have the default Blackboard icons next to their names. We recommend leaving it as the default 'Icon and Text' in most instances, to help students differentiate between different types of content, however there may be instances where you may want to change this.

  1. From the control panel select “Customisation”
  2. Select "teaching style"
  3. Locate "Default Content View"
  4. Choose between Icon, Text only, or Icon and text.

Add a course banner

You will need to already have a banner image ready before you attach it to your course. Blackboard recommends using a banner of approximately 600 by 150 pixels. This is due to users resizing browser windows and the differing sizes of monitors in use.

  1. From the control panel select “Customisation”
  2. Locate “Select Banner”
  3. Click “Browse my Computer” and click your image
  4. Click “Submit”

You can also find out more about how to create a banner for MOLE.