VLE Summer changes 2019 Q&A

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  1. What is the 'Due Dates Calendar' and how does it work?

    The Due Dates calendar populates using due dates from across all the courses you are enrolled on in MOLE. This allows students to see a snapshot of upcoming deadlines from Blackboard (MOLE) assignments, Turnitin assignments, Tests and any communication tools that has had a due date assigned. They can also add their own calendar entries.

    What is important to note is that the visibility of these dates in the calendar is dictated by the visibility of the relevant column in Grade Centre. In other words if the column is hidden in Grade Centre, it won’t show up in the Due Dates Calendar.

  2. Can users change their notifications?

    All users can change their notification settings as part of their profile, by clicking on their name on the left hand menu. This allows them granular control of which notifications they receive in their activity stream, emails and push notifications for the Blackboard app.

  3. What is the 'Messages' tab?

    The Messages tool has always been a feature of the system but was accessed at a course level. In Ultra Base Navigation it brings it together across all courses. The reason this tool exists at this level is that Blackboard Ultra Courses don’t have a send email tool within the courses. Students can edit their notification settings to decide when they are notified about these messages. Either once a day or straight away.

  4. Can users edit their profile?

     Students and staff can now personalise their profile in Blackboard, by clicking on their name in the left hand menu. This includes adding a profile picture, which will be displayed on Discussion Boards.

  5. What are 'Marks and Feedback' / where are 'Grades and Feedback'?

    The name of this feature has been changed from ‘Grades and Feedback’ to ‘Marks and Feedback’, for consistency with the Student Lifecycle Project.

  6. What are the 'Digital Resources' and why am I seeing it?

    ‘Digital Resources’ contains useful resources for students, such as Information and Digital Literacy resources, and Maths and Statistics Help. These will be available to staff as well as students, to allow them to see the resources offered to their learners. Students will also see their faculty liaison librarian, and staff will see their Digital Learning and Learning Technologist support.

  7. What are the 'Tools'?

    Currently this includes the Portfolio tool and Content Collection. This will expand as more tools become available in this way for Blackboard Ultra.

  8. Where are My Media (Kaltura), Information Digital Literacy resources and Skills Resources?

    My Media is now available from the Tools Menu. The Information Digital Literacy Resources and Skills Resources are available from the Digital Resources menu.

  9. (Within a course) What are the changes with the Manage Users tool?

    This tool is being phased out, due to its incompatibility with newer versions of Blackboard. Instead users should use the Users tool, which is found in Users and Groups > Users.

  10. Clicking on a Turnitin link from the Due Dates Calendar brings up a permissions error.

     This is a known issue, that we are working with Blackboard and Turnitin to resolve.