Xerte (pronounced Zertee) is a tool which enables you to make learning objects which can include text, interactive elements and embed a wide range of multimedia. This can then be linked to or embedded into number of systems including MOLE.

The tool also has a web page creation tool, which helps you to quickly and easily make pages without having to know any code.

Lastly the tool can be used to make an online decision trees which guides the user through a series of questions or options to arrive at a specific outcome.

What can you use Xerte for?

Xerte is a wide ranging flexible, easy to learn tool which allows for a number of content types and functionality.

These include:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Upload and embed audio and video (e.g. from Kaltura)
  • Add hotspots to images
  • Create a range of galleries
  • A large range of ways to display information on a page e.g. accordion, tabbed pages
  • Create self assessment tests including feedback
  • Access to amend the HTML code to change the look of content and embed a range of tools/content.

Who can access Xerte?

Xerte can be accessed by any University of Sheffield Staff member using their usual login details.

How do i access Xerte?

Xerte is hosted entirely online and can be accessed via http://xerte.shef.ac.uk

What help is there for Xerte?

Here are a series of help guides to get you started.

  1. Logging into Xerte
  2. Creating a new Xerte resource
  3. Creating a bootstrap website
  4. Sharing/Publishing Xerte resources
  5. Export a Xerte package to use in MOLE