Alumni Accounts

PebblePad allows you to create a free personal account when you complete your studies, or leave the University. Files you have created in your University account can be linked to this new account.

You should create your Alumni Account before your University username and password has expired, so ideally before you graduate if you are a student, or before you leave if you are a member of staff. If you need to access your material, and your University username and password have already expired, please contact the Digital Learning Team ( for advice, and note it may not be possible in all circumstances.

Creating a Personal Account

To Create your free Personal Account:

  • Login to Pebble+ (see Accessing PebblePad)
  • On any page, click the 'burger' menu at the top left of the screen The burger menu icon used to navigate PebblePad
  • Select 'Additional Settings'.
  • Select 'Free Alumni Account'.

Follow the instructions onscreen to create your new account. You will then see Assets from your University account in a separate tab in the Asset Store of your new account.