PebblePad - Capabilities and Evidence

PebblePad allows for learners to attach evidence (as files) to their work to demonstrate skill and competencies. These can be added to both Templates and Workbooks, and will add a '+Add...' icon where learners can add files and comments to elements.

In both the Template Builder and Workbook Builder there are two ways to add these elements.

Firstly the ‘Capabilities’ tab has a range of field types for adding capabilities. These are numeric scales, binary choices, radio buttons, and evidence only. Select the relevant choice, and enter a label and hint or description for the element.

Secondly you can select 'Include Evidence' in the Block Properties of other elements, including Text, Ratings and Tables. This adds a 'rosette' icon to any element.


If using one of the Capability elements (numeric scale, binary choice or radio button) there are options you can set in the 'Block' properties in the Properties menu on the right hand side of the screen (if this is minimised click the 'Properties' button).

These are:

  • Change and Justify: This option allows learners to change their answer, and they will be prompted to justify why this change was made. For example a student may change their self-rating for a skill from a low to a high mark, and justify how they have gained these skills.
  • Justify on First Choice: This option selects whether the learner adds a justification on the first rating, or just subsequent ones.

When a learner has an element where evidence is required, they will see an icon marked '+Add...'. If they click on this, they will get the option to add a file or other PebblePad Asset. Students also get to decide if this evidence is completed, and add justification if required.

Note - the student view of capabilities has changed as of 28th June 2021. Details of how students now see capabilities. For the time being, you will still see the old 'rosette' view when editing and creating resources.