PebblePad - New features and Known Issues

New features and updates

July 2019

Full release notes

  • Justifications in capabilities are now editable.
  • Labels in Assessor fields can now be customised
  • 'Publish to web' now has 'Hide from search engines' as default.

Known issues and common problems

I can't find PebblePad in MUSE

PebblePad is usually found under 'View All Services' in MUSE.

Some associate or visiting members of staff may not have a link to PebblePad in their MUSE account, but do have a PebblePad account. If this is the case, you need to log in directly at

My resource isn't appearing in students' Resource Stores

There are a few issues that may be happening here. Examples include:

  • Is the Resource added to the correct Workspace in ATLAS?
  • Have students been added to the Workspace?
  • Is the Resource set to 'Visible' in the 'Resources' section of your Workspace?
  • Is the Workspace active?
  • Are students erroneously looking in the Asset Store, rather than the Resource Store?

If these are as they should be, or you are unsure, please contact for advice.

If your issue is not addressed above, please contact for advice.