PebblePad Frequently Asked Questions (staff)

Accessing PebblePad

How do I access PebblePad?

To access PebblePad, login in via MUSE, and find PebblePad in My Services > View all Services. Your tutors may also have put a link to PebblePad in your Blackboard course.

Note some visiting or associate staff may not see PebblePad in MUSE, and will have to login directly at See Accessing PebblePad for more details.

I have changed username and need to access material on my old PebblePad account

Two accounts can be linked - see Linking Accounts for more details. This needs to be done before your old account expires, if it has please contact the Digital Learning Team for advice at

Can I access PebblePad after leaving the University?

Yes, but you need to create an 'Alumni Account' before while your University account is still active. See Creating Alumni Accounts for more information.

Setting up assignments

How do I share Resources with my students?

This is done via the 'Resources' tab in ATLAS. See Setting up Assignments for details.

How do students access their Resources?

Once you have shared Resources in ATLAS, these will show in your students' Resource Stores.

What is the difference between an Asset and a Resource?
  • A Resource is a blank form (either or Workbook or Template) that is yet to be filled in. This can be a generic Resource that comes as part of the system, one you have created and shared with your students, or one you have created for your own personal use.
  • An Asset is something you have created. This can be a response to a Resource (i.e. a form you have filled in or started to fill in), an uploaded file, or a Portfolio or Page you have created.

See Assets and Resources for more details.

How do students access their feedback?

Students will receive an email, when feedback is released. This will link to the relevant part of Pebble+ where they can view their feedback and/or grade.

The grade will also be fed back to the Blackboard Grade Centre if the Workspace is set up to do so.

What file formats can students submit as evidence?

PebblePad will take most file formats as evidence. The exception are some blocked file extensions that can carry viruses, such as .exe files.

There is a filesize limit of 500MB on files uploaded as evidence.

Can Turnitin be used in PebblePad?

Yes - Turnitin can be used to run originality reports on student submissions.

See Turnitin in PebblePad for more details.