PebblePad - Submitting Work

There are two ways to submit your work in PebblePad - auto-submission and manual submission. This depends on how your lecturers have set up their assignment, and if you unsure you should contact them for advice.

Auto-submission of work

Your tutors may have set the assignment to auto-submit. This means that as when you open the Resource, the Asset you create is automatically submitted to tutors, and they can view and comment on it at any point. Once the deadline is reached, tutors will see a record of your work in the state it was at that time.

If Auto-submission is switched on, when you first open the item from your Resource Store you will get the message: “This asset has been set to auto-submit to a workspace when saved. This may be a condition of an assessed activity. The asset can continue to be edited after submission”. Click ‘Continue’.

When you first save your work, this will be submitted automatically. You will get a notification in PebblePad, and an email, to say this has been done. Note you only get this notification on first submission, not when subsequent edits are made.

Manual submission of work

If your tutors have not set the assignment to auto-submit, you will need to submit the work manually. You can do so in two ways:

  • Find the item you want to submit in your Asset Store, and click on its name to open it.
  • Click "I want to..." in the top right of the screen.
  • Click 'Share'
  • Click 'For Assessment'

Once you have done this, select the correct Workspace and (if there is more than one) the correct assignment, and click ‘Submit’. Read the terms and conditions and click ‘I agree’, finally clicking on "Submit for Assessment". You should receive a notification in PebblePad and an email to say this has been successful.

As with auto-submit, any changes you make to the work will be reflected in the submission (without the need to resubmit), until the deadline date.

If you are unsure which workspace or assignment you need to submit your work to, please check this with your tutors before submission.

A video on "Sharing with others" can be found in the Learning Centre.