What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a a system for logging and evidencing achievements, experiences and skills. It can be used in many flexible ways, either self-directed by a user, or to create structured assignments for learners. Work is set and marked via a part of PebblePad called ATLAS (Active Teaching, Learning and Assessment Space), which can be linked to the Blackboard Grade Centre.

PebblePad is known as a 'Learning Journey Platform', or sometimes a 'Personal Learning Space', and is most commonly used at the University of Sheffield for the creation of reflective Workbooks. However this is just one of the ways it can be used. Below are just some examples of ways you or your learners may use it:

Workbooks Workbooks are a structured series of forms, to be filled in by a user. This can include fields for reflection, attaching files as evidence, rating skills or logging information such as hours spent on an activity. They can replace paper forms, and give opportunities for evidence-gathering and reflection to be portable and backed up for learners, as well as utilising digital formats such as video and audio. Workbooks can be set up for single assignments, to span entire modules or programmes of study, or to sit completely outside these structures for non-academic purposes.
Portfolios Portfolios are free-form multi-page online documents, that allow learners to be more creative in the format and structure than Workbooks. These can be created for assessment, or by the user for such uses as CVs or websites.
Logging experiences Users can use PebblePad to log experiences, either via the inbuilt templates, or templates they or others have created specially for a particular purpose. These can then be utilised in Workbooks or Portfolios, or using other features such as the Collection tool.

Other key benefits of PebblePad include:

  • Users can apply for an Alumni Account, and keep using the system after their studies are completed.
  • Users can share or publish any work they have created on PebblePad, either to selected people or the web.
  • Tutors can run reports on Workbooks that have been submitted to get a general overview of their learners' progress and achievements.