TurningPoint essentials for students

TurningPoint is a tool which your tutors may use in class to co-ordinate audience response. It may be referred to by a different name such as:

  • In class voting
  • Student Response
  • Audience clickers
  • Student engagement tools

It allows you to respond to a question posed in class using your mobile device, laptop or occassionally an audience clicker which your tutor will provide to you in class.

Below are some bits of information you will need to know about using the tool.

Accessing TurningPoint for the first time

When you first use TurningPoint you will need to link your account to the university. You only have to do this once.

You can do this in one of two ways:

Via Blackboard

If your tutor is using TurningPoint via Blackboard, there will be a link to TurningPoint in your course. Click the TurningPoint link and it will take you through the setup process (see linking your account steps below).

Sign in directly

If your tutor is using TurningPoint outside of Blackboard you can sign up by going to http://student.turningtechnologies.eu. Then click Sign in. Next enter your university email address and click Sign in. You will then be prompted to login to your university account.

Linking your account

Once signed in you will see a Get Started screen

  1. Click to the next step
  2. Next you will be taken to a subscription code page - click Skip
  3. You will then be asked to provide a clicker ID - click Skip
  4. You should then be shown you have a LMS connection - this is just confirming you are connected to Blackboard
  5. Finally click Finish to complete the process.
Signing into TurningPoint

If you are using your mobile device you can either download the app (Apple l Android) or you can access it via a web browser at http://ttpoll.eu.

From there you can enter a session ID which will be provided by your tutor.

If the tutor wants to identify indiviual answers for each student, you will be asked to login. To do this click the profile icon in the top right corner. Once logged in you can enter the Session ID to access the activity.

What type of questions does TurningPoint have

The most consistently used question type within TurningPoint is a multiple choice question. However, other question types that can be asked are:

Short answer - A few words or a short sentence free form response.
Word cloud - students responses are brought togther to make a wordcloud.
Numeric response - A question that requires a numerical answer
Hotspot - A question where you click a particular part of an image as your answer.

Marking Responses

If a tutor has asked you to log in, they can see your individual responses. This can be potentially given a mark, but can also help to give a consensus of the group, which can help aid the topics that are given more focus. Marks can be transferred into Blackboard so its possible you may see an extra row in your My Grades if your tutor has chosen to make it a graded activity.

Attendance Monitoring

TurningPoint has an attendance monitoring function in the tool. If you tutor uses this you will need to take the following steps to check in:

  1. Login to http://ttpoll.eu
  2. Go to Courses
  3. Click the relevant course
  4. Click the Attendance tab.

If you are using the TurningPoint app, you will recieve a push notification prompting you to log your attendance.

More detailed guides about all aspects of TurningPoint can be found on the TurningPoint website.