Accessing your Turnitin inbox.

The Turnitin inbox is where all your students submissions for a particular Turnitin assignment will reside.

To access a student’s work after the due date, log into your course in Blackboard
From inside your Blackboard course, locate the control panel underneath the course menu navigation
  1. Click “Course Tools”
  2. Click “Turnitin assignments”
  3. You will now see a list of Turnitin assignments you have created within this particular course
  4. Click on an assignment title, this will take you to the Turnitin inbox. You will see any assignments that have been submitted appear here Turnitin inbox

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To View Similarity Report: Click on the percentage number under ‘Similarity’ to view the similarity report.
Access simularity report

Download/Printing out individual submissions

To download and print off a copy of the assignment with the Originality assessment included, go to the right hand menu, whilst in the similarity report, and click on the download icon. Select ‘Download PDF of current view for printing’ and save or open the PDF file.
Download paper panel menu

Downloading multiple or all submissions

Turnitin inbox - Download papers

If you want to print off a whole group’s assignments, go back to the Assignment Inbox, put ticks in the boxes to the left of the assignment/s you want to print, and then select either a) Download > Original File or b) GradeMark paper from the pull down menu above the assignments list on the right-hand side. Please note you will only be able to access the GradeMark version after the post date has passed. You will then need to go to the messages tab, where you file/s will be zipped ready for download.

E-mail non-submitters

This feature allows you to email those students who have yet to submit to your assignment. . Reminders can be sent to students from the moment the assignment is active (start date) past the end (post date) to remind late submitters.

Turnitin inbox - Email non-submitters

  1. From the Turnitin inbox click on "email non submitters" on the right hand side
  2. Enter the subject line or title of your email
  3. Enter your message text
  4. Tick "include me" if you wish to have a copy of this email sent to yourself
  5. click "send".

Seeing when students have accessed their feedback

In the Turnitin inbox you can see when students have accessed their feedback. It is signified by an icon under the response section.

Response icon